The updates on my blog are divided into three tiers according to how unfiltered the topics are. If you would like access to unfiltered updates, please read the following agreements.

A photo I took of a temple in Ubud, Bali

The updates on my blog and email newsletter are divided into 3 tiers:

  • Public: everyone can read these updates
  • Friends and Family: these are personal updates that only trusted friends and family can read
  • Intimate: these are updates with more taboo and adult topics, only for the most open minded readers

If you are interested in reading the content in the Family and Friends or Intimate tiers, please read and agree to the following:

1) We have a mutual relationship, with give and take that happens both ways.

  • When you read my updates, please do so intentionally, stay aware of what is happening in my life, and send me private messages about any thoughts and feelings that come up.
  • Please also update me about your life, in whatever form you prefer. Chat messages, photos, phone calls, reciprocal newsletters or blog posts are all appreciated.

2) You are comfortable with reading an unfiltered version of my life experiences.

  • While I don't intend this to be a super explicit blog, I may write updates that are raw and out of some people's comfort zones.
  • Especially in my Intimate updates, I may write about experiences with nudity, sexuality, health and mind altering substances, etc.
  • This blog is not intended for coworkers or professional colleagues. I may share far more personal things than would be appropriate in professional settings.

3) You will read my updates charitably and without moral judgement.

  • I have such a diverse group of friends from a variety of cultures and backgrounds. In an effort to be transparent about my life, I may occasionally share an experience that doesn't align with the moral values of a particular person or group.
  • I ask that you interpret my updates through a charitable lens. In other words, assume that I have the best intentions and that I am generally a good person even if I am not morally perfect.
  • If our moral values are not in alignment, we can discuss it privately, and with the intention of finding some common ground, but please understand that we may have to agree to disagree about some moral values, and that's ok.

4) You will not publicly share the things that I post in my private blogs and newsletters.

5) If you find anything I write upsetting or concerning, you will have a direct, private conversation with me about it, not a public one.

6) I will only write when I have updates to share about my personal life and experiences. No marketing!

  • As much as possible, I will save my views and opinions on ideological topics for private conversations.
  • I may mention things I am working on, but I am not promoting a brand or and goods or services here.
  • I will be conscious not to post excessive updates or spam your inboxes.

7) I will share regular updates about what is happening in my life.

  • I will aim to post quarterly updates, but I may post extra updates if something significant is happening in my life, or I may skip an update if I feel that I have nothing to share.

8) I will try to share my raw, unfiltered life experiences.

  • This is the biggest thing I am challenging myself to do with this blog. At times, it may not be easy (for me, or for you) but I would like to share a more authentic version of my life with the people who are close to me.
  • I will organize updates into separate tiers: Public, Friends and Family and Intimate according to how raw and unfiltered the topics are.

If you have read, and agree to all of the above points, and would me to add you to the Friends and Family or Intimate tiers so that you get those updates along with the public ones, please send me a private message, and request that I add you.