Code Demos


The projects on this page show a sample of my coding abilities with different technologies. I often build these to learn about a new technology, or as examples to use to mentor other developers. Some of these are quite old, dating back all the way to the beginning of my career. I'm happy to discuss these demos more in depth.

San Francisco Streetfood Map

A demo app I created using data from the DataSF Mobile Food Facility Permit data to create an interactive street food map of San Francisco.

TypeScript React Mapbox GL

Trivia Demo

A trivia app demo I built that gets a list of true/false trivia questions from a JSON API and presents them in one at a time with animations, showing the score at the end.

TypeScript React Redux React Router Material UI react-transition-group Lodash Jest

Giphy Signal

A lightweight GIF search engine that uses the Giphy API and allows users to quickly search for GIFs as they type.

JavaScript React Redux Lodash Jest CSS Giphy API

Encyclopedia CLI

A demo application that allows reading a Wikipedia from the command line. Supports any MediaWiki instance and language.

JavaScript Bash Cliffy Lodash Wikipedia API Jest

NASA Worldview Layers Search Component

A demo of a very fast search component I built while working on NASA Worldview to show how an existing codebase can be migrated to React one component at a time.

JavaScript React NASA GIBS API

Ethereum Poll App

I built this app to learn Solidity. It mimics a simple Twitter poll with the votes being tracked on the Ethereum blockchain.

Solidity Ethereum JavaScript React

Kanban Board

A basic Kanban board I built as a Trello clone to try out some new technologies.

JavaScript React CSS React Drag n Drop Jest

OCR Bank Kata

My solution to the OCR Bank challenge on Coding Dojo.


Table Sorter

A very old code sample, a pure JS table sorter using QUnit for tests and Bootstrap for styles.

JavaScript HTML QUnit Bootstrap